Molex Produce AMC.8 B+ Connector to Meet High-
Speed Interconnection AdvancedTCA Standards

Molex Announce to Acquire
Polymicro Technologies

FCI Release Optional 29-Position S
AS Plug and Outlet Connectors

China Will Be Globally most Pote
ntial Market for Connectors
CSCONN is a leading global supplier of connectors, has about 6,000 employees in over 30 countries to the global enterprises to provide performance superior products and services. I n the growing industry of the connector, to beneit from our R&D centers and two
development centers provide comprehensive technology and global manufacturing capabilities and sales and service network. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and "One-Stop Shopping" product solutions.
We CSCONN service customers in kinds of fields, including mobile phones, data, com-munication, computer/peripheral equipme-

nt, consumer electronics and military product market.

Thanks for your support and concern about CSCONN pro-ducts, and if you have any good suggestions or are not satisfied with CSCONN products, keep us informed.
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