Battery Connectors

Each individual battery application is different and usually requires a custom design. In here,Our CSCONN can provide you  with the entire product solution...more

SIM Card Socket

Including SIM Card Connectors,Micro SIM Card Connectors,Nano SIM Card Connectors,and a variety of other popular formats to provide the utmost design flexibility...more

T-Flash Card Socket

We offer standard and customized Micro SD(TF) Card Connectors, meet the application needs of various equipment...more

USB Connectors

CSCONN provide a wide range of USB Connectors for customers to  choose, such as USB Type C Connectors, Micro USB Connectors,Mini USB Connectors...more

I/O Connectors
I/0 connector 14P~26P,18P~24P+XP...more
RF Connectors

CSCONN is a leading supplier of a wide variety of standard coaxial connector products, Markets supported include military,telecom and wireless...more

Board To Board Connectors

CSCONN free height Board to Board Connectors, 0.35-0.8mm pitch,stack height 0.6-8.5mm,single and dual are available,huge selection can satisfies all kinds of application demand...more

FPC Connectors

A variety of SMT,Through-Hole and fine-pitch FPC Connectors as low as 0.30mm including Back lock and ZIF Connectors...more

Card Socket

Our growing range of SD Memory Card Connectors provide options such as reverse,normal mount, low profiles and locating pegs...more

Phone Jack& DC Jack
Comprised of Audio Jack Connectors,DC Power Jack Connectors,our interconnect line has the variety of options for any application...more

High definition multimedia interface(HDMI) is a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface...more

IEEE 1394
IEEE 1394 4P, 6P Female smt and dip90 ˚, dip180 ˚...more

Our D-SUB portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with an economical d-sub solution for any complex application...more


1.0mm, 1.27mm, 2.0mm pitch PH & FH connectors...more


0.8mm,1.0mm,1.25mm,1.5mm~4.0mm pitch wafer products Dip90 ˚,dip180 ˚and smt type...more


Available in Straight and Right Angle versions for 1.27, 1.50, 2.00 and 2.54mm cable...more

Serial ATA

S-ATA 7P,7+15P Male/Female dip90, dip180, smt type...more

SAS & SCSI Connectors


Military Connectors
44 core connector...more
Crystal Head
About 1394 cable; HDMI cable; USB cable; S-ATA cable...more
Wire-to-Board Families

1.0mm,1.25mm,1.5mm~4.0mm pitch Wire-to-Board micro connectors.
Headers are available in vertical and right angle SMT versions...more

Shielding Enclosures
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