May, 2001

CSCONN was founded, specializing in the production and sale of computer connectors.

July, 2001

Department of Product Development and Department of Die Design were founded.

February, 2002

The company set about developing the connectors with regard to consumer electronics.

October, 2002

Heyuan Factory broke the ground.


The company marched for military connectors.


Heyuan project (Stage Ⅰ)was finished and the factory started to produce.


Heyuan Development Center was founded, specializing in the design and development of communication product connectors.


The company took the lead in supplementing Euro RoHS Directive.


The company passed ISO 9001 Quality Management Authentication.

May, 2005

Offices were founded in the US and Brazil.


The company gained ISO 14001 International Authentication.

December, 2006

ERP system was officially in operation.


The company became the OEM of a US famous connector company to produce communication product connectors.

August, 2007

An office was founded in Germany.


July, 2016

The company developed distribution models.

October, 2017

Set up a global sales center in Shenzhen.

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